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As you browse through the pages of our boutique, we would like you to know that we
appreciate your time, and we will be happy to respond to any questions your may have.
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Marlene's beautiful semi-precious stone jewelry has been individually
handcrafted with the intention of infusing history and symbolism into her pieces.
You will love the uniqueness and versatility of her stunning Feng Shui signature
pieces, designed to be worn three different lengths. Or perhaps a piece from her newest
collection featuring amulets of the enlightened walking Buddha Leela.

When shopping for Alex's all natural soy massage candles, imagine their amazing
illuminating glow, and the fabulous aroma of purely natural oil blends.
Her meticulously created candles will magically transform the ambiance of your
environment, and no doubt your mood. As an added bonus, because of the all natural
ingredients, which includes shea butter, the melted oil in the glass or tin containers
can be used for a warm moisturizing massage. Yum!

The clothing collection includes handcrafted designs made of Bali woven mesh knit.
The jackets, wraps, and tops are praised for their surprising versatility, uniqueness
of style, and affordability. Selective silk pieces from the
Citron Clothing Company are also included in their collection.

Learn more about us, or view the schedule of the upcoming events to find where Bazaar Boutique
will be exhibiting their jewelry, soy candles and clothing near you. We are looking forward to
hearing from you, or meeting you soon.

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Alex and Marlene