Leela Bracelets

The Walking Buddha Leela.

Recently I have added amulets of the beloved Leela,
the “Goddess of Positivity and Joy”
to my collection.

Leela is the enlightened walking Buddha of Thailand.
She embarks on her journey with fearlessness, and openhearted
optimism. It is her intention to inspire us to approach life with noble
conduct, empathy for all living things, and above all else,
insurmountable joy. Her foot is raised, a symbolic gesture of
walking into the future, where it is stated she “playfully, joyously is
kicking obstacles and negativity from her path”.

Wearing the image of Leela reminds us at a glance to
courageously follow our hearts, with optimism, gratitude,
perseverance, compassion, self respect. That our life is a precious
journey and is meant to be explored with a sense of wonderment,
and an unrestrained expression of joy.

It is easy to understand why my jewelry featuring Leela have of
late become my most popular and sought after pieces.