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All Natural Soy Candles

Whether you are using candles to create the perfect lihting for your home, or to relax, meditate, cleanse,
whatever the reason our soy candles will help you create that special ambiance you desire. Natural soy candles
are the healthy economical way to
transform your environment into a special space.

10oz. Glass Soy Massage Candle
The Frosted Glass Container Soy Massage Candle is our
best selling soy massage candle. It has the beauty of the pillar,
but also it is enriched with shea butter and can be
used for a mini massage. Blow out the candle, dip in
your fingers and use the natural scented oil for an
aromatherapy massage. It will soften, hydrate and
rejuvenate the skin leaving it deeply moisturized.
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soy massage candles  

8oz. Travel Tin Soy Massage Candle
If you travel you will love our Soy Massage Travel
Tins. They are fast becoming our best selling candle
because of their convenience, portability, and like the
glass containers above they are enriched with shea
butter and can also be used as a massage oil.

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Organic Body Butter

This luxurious 4 ounce body butter will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Sinks in quickly, no greasy residue! We use only organic indredients of the highest quality.

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oils, Essential Oils.

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"I personally hand pour each candle individually in my collection. I've created 14 unique aromas using only natural oils, 100% cotton wicks, soy oils, shea butter, soy wax and I use eco friendly craft paper for packaging.

After you experience my beautiful candles you will have no doubt
that each candle is made with lots of love...Alex"

Aromas Available

Orange & Lemongrass
Lavender & Lemongrass
Patchouli & Frankincense
Green Tea Blend
Lemon & Verbena
Sandalwood & Nag champa
Vanilla "Aroma for the Holidays "
Cinnamon & Clove "Aroma for the Holidays "
Pumpkin Spice "Aroma for the Holidays "
Pomegranate "Aroma for the Holidays "
Red Currant Blend "Aroma for the Holidays "
Harmony Rose Petals

Wholesale and Private Label Available

What makes my soy candles different from the competition?

First and foremost they are individually hand poured personally by me.
I use the finest natural oils and shea butter, that is why they can be used as amoisturizer
for a ton wicks. Clean up is far easier with soy candles if there is a spill,
They are priced well below market valued for a quality hand poured candle.
They are handmade by me. with lots of ~LOVE~.

I would like to thank all my customers that have taken the time to send me
notes and comments about my products. I am in business because of you
and your feedback is most important to massage. They are non-toxic and burn cleaner than
paraffin candles, producing no black soot and burning 50-60% longer. They contain no animal
products and I use 100% cot
ton wicks. Shea butter, soy Oils.