Our Story

Bazaar Boutique, a mobile boutique, was established in 2001.
It was the partnering of Marlene’s creative jewelry designs, and Alex’s love for candlemaking that initiated
their first small craft fair. Since that time they have added their own clothing designs to their collection, 
and have participated in hundreds of events from upscale charity fundraisers, large corporate events, 
art festival, and consciousness rising events. Where there are women gathering,
is where you will find them happily showcasing their beautiful products.

“We love interacting with the ladies that come into our booth. We have fun, and have met some
amazingly wonderful women throughout the years, and that is what makes it so special for us.
Also, it is our friendship over the past 18 years, which keeps Bazaar Boutique thriving.
There is nothing we would rather be doing, we have a great time making it all come together.
Our goal is to keep our inventory new and innovative, and remaining joyous throughout the process.
We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events, and thanks to those that have
purchased our products and have supported us on our journey.”

Thanks you for your continued loving support.

Alex and Marlene