Kali Crystal Quartz Necklace $95.00

Beautiful clear quartz crystal points, with the Goddess Kali embedded into the crystal clay! The pendant has a leather metallic lace that is adjustable for the right length. The pendant is 2.75″ long.

Kali, the Warrior Goddess is often considered the mother of language and all mantras in Hinduism. She is willing to do the necessary dark deeds that others are incapable of doing for the sake of a pure soul. She is willing to destroy the ego. Her love is so fierce that she destroys evil in order to grant liberation. She destroys our attachment to the temporary body and reminds us to enjoy the beauty of life. She is a fierce warrior Goddess of protections and is a destroyer of illusions.

Crystal quartz  is the most popular and versatile healing stone of all the crystals, it is known as the “master healer”. As the most powerful healing stone it is able to work on all conditions that you are dealing with physically, or emotionally. Known as the stone of power, it amplifies energy and intentions, and said to protect against negativity, while assisting you in connecting with your higher self.

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