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Our Classic Mesh Jacket is a unique style that can be worn in two very different ways. Worn as a jacket, it’s silhouette is flattering to all body types, with geometric angles and a full shawl collar. The softness of the 100% rayon knit fabric drapes, creating an elegant flow that moves with your body. The second way to wear The Classic is surprising, in that you put your head through one of the sleeves which creates a turtleneck collared top/poncho, the other sleeve you put your arm in, which leave the other arm sleeveless like a poncho. Trust me it is easier than it sounds! You will be hearing “what are you wearing”? a lot. Very cool and artistic! The versatility of this unique design will make it a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, and a perfect piece to take along with you when you travel.

Receiving your new Classic Jacket is certain to be a happy day! 

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~ Care Instructions ~

Hand wash and  towel dry.

Lay flat.

Do not hang!

Cut labels with care.

100% Rayon.

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